Museo d'Arte Contemporanea all'Aperto di Maglione

What it is

M.A.C.A.M. is an open air museum of contemporary art, located in Maglione. There are no tickets or visiting hours, as artworks are painted on the walls of the town. Artworks are made by a variety of modern and contemporary italian artists in many different media. Many of the pieces are painted in fresco painting technique.


The Museum is located in Maglione, a small farmers village in Piedmont countryside.
It is only 50 km away from Torino and 20 km away from Ivrea, and it can be easily reached by car or public transports.

See how to reach the town to plan your journey.

Guided Tours

M.A.C.A.M. organises guided tours for groups or students.

Booking is requested for guided tours. Please use our Contacts page to arrange a booking.

A Museum map is available to plan your visit.

AMI Museum

The MACAM museum, together with many other museums in the Canavese area of Piedmont, is part of the 'Anfiteatro Morenico di Ivrea' museums network.

For furhter informations please visit www.ecomuseoami.it


Artworks are visible along the town walls as you stroll down the streets of Maglione. Therefore it can be easily accessed by people with physical disabilities and there are no opening times, instead you can look at the works anytime.

Fresco Laboratory

The Fresco Laboratory is a free workshop offered to Italian Academies of Fine Arts' students. This apprenticeship is unique in Italy for the intense and inĀ­depth training that is given to the chosen artists.

Visitors can come and see young artists at work during the time of the workshop. Booking for a visit to the workshop is requested.