Museo d'Arte Contemporanea all'Aperto di Maglione

Fresco Laboratory

M.A.C.A.M. hosts artworks in different media: fresco paintings, installations, acrylic paintings. These latter did not resist the wear of time and weather conditions. The president of the Museum Letizia Corgnati thought about the creation of a workshop that works on a national level, and teaches to young artists the ancient fresco technique. In fact, fresco painting as a subjects among the universites and academies of art in Italy is rapidly fading away, because of lack of appropriate equipment, spaces, or tutors. Fresco painting requires knowledge of chemistry, building, and of course excellent drawing, painting, and planning skills.

This workshop is offered to ten students of Italian Academies of Fine Arts; students gain this opportunity via a selection process among all the Academies of Italy – from North to South.

The initiative is funded by Piedmont Region and thus free of charge for the students.. Theoretical lessons about pigments specificity, wall analysis, plastering tools, fresco tools, etc, are given together with a hands­on training which is tough and intense. The teaching staff is a team of painters and conversation professors.

Fresco paintings are made in specific areas of the village and they remain there until next years pupil smash down the wall surface to build new frescos.

The workshop takes place every year in August; visitors can come and see young artists at work; booking is required. The dates of the workshops are announced every year.

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